The 3 Traditions I do on Holidays

The first Holiday that has a tradition is Thanksgiving. The first thing that we do is my family from Charleston comes on the Saturday the 18, Then we hang and do stuff. The next tradition is we have out other family from Baltimore and hang with them till Thanksgiving. The last tradition we do is we tried something new this year we made one turkey in the oven.And our other turkey in the blue egg/smoked the turkey,  and that did not turn out so well because it turned burnt and we only got some of it. But we made everything we usually make  We had to go to Kroger 5 times on Thanksgiving!.

The second Holiday is Christmas. Our first tradition that my family does is we fly to Florida and see our really good friends like every year. the second ting we do is on Christmas eve my Grampaw takes us to eat our the same restaurant every year. My last thing we do is on Christmas  in the morning we all are waiting till the family comes from the other hotel then we get our presents. That is our traditions for Christmas.

The third Holiday is Halloween. The first thing is we get our costumes and make sure they fit so we don’t get the wrong size. The second thing is we get a bunch of candy at the store so my mom can pass it out.The last thing is we like to meet up with friends to go trick or treating. This is an extra tradition we like to sort candy and trade. I hope you enjoy my Holidays have a nice day.

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