My favorite place to travel to!!!

Hi there,I will be telling you where are favorite place to go to. I love going to Florida we go every year on December 20th or 19th but it depends when we get out of school. The reason we like going to Florida is because we see family and really close friends. You guys might be wondering why we go on Christmas break?. That is a good question we go because it is warm and we do a lot of fun stuff!!. Thats why we go to Florida every Christmas.

The things we do in Florida are we love going to the beach and swimming in the ocean. We also love going to are condo and hanging out and going to swimming. But that is not all you might think this is crazy but we go shark tooth hunting at a specific beach it is a lot of fun. Of course who does not like shopping we do we love to go shopping but save your money you will need it. Those are some of the things we like to do when we go.

Some places we like to eat at are. We love getting fresh fish and shrimp. On Christmas we always eat sea food yum. Some nights we just eat in our condo when we are all tired. What we do on Christmas day we wait for my brothers to come knocking on the door and we let them in and wait for everyone to wake up and open our presents yay!!.             What is your favorite place to go?

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Accomplishments for 20%

The reason we have not made our major goal is because Grace has been out for the 20% and I did not know what I should do at that time. But I made a idea page so that can help. I feel good about our 20% percent because all we need to do is to go over what we are doing and have exact plans on what we are doing. The way we will be accomplishing our major goal is by making plans for what to teach. Then we have to make sure we are going on the right day. After that we go and teach and have fun with the students!!!

Our December goals are  to have every thing finished and then we don’t have to worry about it and we can just go over our plans. To accomplish them we are going to work hard and try to stay focused on everything we need to do. But will try to meet at her or my house and practice what we are going too teach.

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The 3 Traditions I do on Holidays

The first Holiday that has a tradition is Thanksgiving. The first thing that we do is my family from Charleston comes on the Saturday the 18, Then we hang and do stuff. The next tradition is we have out other family from Baltimore and hang with them till Thanksgiving. The last tradition we do is we tried something new this year we made one turkey in the oven.And our other turkey in the blue egg/smoked the turkey,  and that did not turn out so well because it turned burnt and we only got some of it. But we made everything we usually make  We had to go to Kroger 5 times on Thanksgiving!.

The second Holiday is Christmas. Our first tradition that my family does is we fly to Florida and see our really good friends like every year. the second ting we do is on Christmas eve my Grampaw takes us to eat our the same restaurant every year. My last thing we do is on Christmas  in the morning we all are waiting till the family comes from the other hotel then we get our presents. That is our traditions for Christmas.

The third Holiday is Halloween. The first thing is we get our costumes and make sure they fit so we don’t get the wrong size. The second thing is we get a bunch of candy at the store so my mom can pass it out.The last thing is we like to meet up with friends to go trick or treating. This is an extra tradition we like to sort candy and trade. I hope you enjoy my Holidays have a nice day.

For What We're About To Receive

The School Steps

The steps for school every day are. First I wake up at 6:00 and get ready for school. Then I walk up to the bus stop and wait for the bus to come. I get on the bus and drive to school we get there and I walk in with my friends. We have to go to the gym to wait for school to start then we get dismissed. I get to my locker and drop off my lunch box. I head to class and put my card away. And I get my Chromebook and head phones. Then we leave and go to first period and do class work. Then we go to second period and do the same. I go to my locker get my books and go to third period. Then we drop off the books and go to math witch is fourth period.

Now its time for me to go to filth period we finish up and head to lunch .  We get back and head to advisory. After that I go to my locker and get everything for home. I walk in to heath witch is sixed period And do my work. Nexted class is seventh period yes end of day. We do every thing we need to do and now its time for Chromebook drop off . Then we get on bus and go home. That’s my daily routine for school.

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Grace and Abby`s 20%

Hi, For my project I am going to teach students creative things. For an example, we are going to teach them how to do some dances and etc.

I am feeling excited because I really like our idea that we are going to help other kids and not just worrying about us. But I know that we are going to have a lot of fun because the idea of this is to get the kids to have fun and want to go to school. I also am very excited because we are letting kids have a lot of fun and I love helping other kids. The second feeling is I am nervous because my two principles  might say no on the school days because it is in Cincinnati Ohio. And because of the traffic it might take longer than we think. That’s why I feel nervous. My last feeling is confident. I feel this way because either way we still can do because even if he says no we will do it on a day we have off and they don’t. That’s the only reason why i’m confident. Those are the 3 feeling that i have with my project.

My goals for November are going to be finding a day to do it. Then we have to make sure we are aloud to do this project, After that the other goals we have are going to plan what were going to teach that day. We are going to achieve them by looking at both calender’s and find a day we are off and day they are on. And for able to do it we are going to use a day we have off so we can take our time on it. The last goal was to find something to teach we will achieve that by search up so dances and art they can do and have fun doing it with them but we will make are they are still using education. But most of all having fun with these ideas. That was my goals for this project.

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Applied Behavioral Services

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Hi there, for my 20% My partner and I are going to help autistic children.We have chosen this because we thought that we could let them have a lot more fun while learning at the same time. We also think we could make a big difference by letting the parents know that there children are important and could have more fun learning. So with that said we are asking Lori Watson to be our mentor, we have asked her to drop us off at 10 or so in the morning. Then, we have asked Lori Tackett to drop us off back at school.

We have decided to send an email to the principle so he can define if he wants to let us do it. But he did say for us to have a backup plan. We have been thinking of what it should be but we are not positive yet.  We have decided to do this at ABS (Applied Behavioral Services), my partner is Grace Watson .That`s why we have chose his at that place her mom works there.

We have decided to that we want this to take up 20% of our time because we want autistic students to have more fun learning since they don’t have as much privilege as other students.This means so much to us because we can help other people that need out help. We have chosen Lori Watson to be our mentor because she works at a school  and we can get there faster instead of going with a a random person. Who will this help… It will help the parents because they can enjoy the day and not worrying about what it happening at school. Thank you for taking your time to read this, have a nice day.



comment challenge

Hey thank you, For sharing this blog it really helps me know how to comment i never new how but know I do . Your very neat i like the notebook part makes it look very good.Thank you for sharing,I think it would help so much blog is. .

heres her link

I choose to read their blog because it was really neat and i like the neatness  and i like the notebook page.

I related to this author because I like using the page she used. and also I do the steps for stuff that way i relate.

I left this comment because I really did not know how to comment and I learned how to by reading hers. also she is neat i mean it, I think tons of people will love it.

The Spooky Story

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Once upon a time there was kids trick and treating down the street, and this guy was being left out because he was  not scary enough for the group. so he goes home to tell his parents they said, “Mean things about me that i`m not good enough”. “That`s a challenge” they said  so the went to the store and got this costume on the picture of him with it on. Then he made a disunion by saying im going to scare my friends.then his friends weren’t at the area so he went  somewhere to find them. so he went to catch up with his friends and said, “Who are you!.”

What do you think happened next?

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My crazy avatar

I chose my avatar because I’m very wild and creative. I love doing outside stuff and jumping. I am a great drawer and I love to draw. Well, I’m a funny and crazy person that also loves to golf and swim. I like to draw dogs and more animals and for what comes into my mind. That’s why I love my avatar. I got my avatar at build you own wild self.

My Passion

My passion is all about Golf . I love golf because it helps get my mind off of being stressed because my brothers get me so mad sometimes. Golf is a sport that I do when I get home from school when I don`t always have homework. Like when I`m  home on the weekends instead of watching my iPad, I do golf sometimes to. It really would be a great to meet some P.G.A. players. I have met some, but not my favorite. I love Ricky Fowler.

So sometimes I like to go out on the range and take lessons with my favorite coach ever he so nice.The best hole for me is 7 and 8 because I used to live on hole 7 then I moved to hole 8. Just f.y.i , my favorite player is Rickie Fowler. He has a great attitude when it comes to hitting a bad shot. The Best thing is the putting green and range closes at 7:00  so I have all day. I have never made a hole in one at all before, but I believe I will some day. I almost did but my brother was 2 feet to a hole in one. That`s all about me and my passion of golf. Thanks for reading my 2 paragraphs.

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